"Dr. Karen McLean Dade creatively blends her strong knowledge of multicultural education with the arts to engage participants in complex issues involving race and justice."

-Christine E. Sleeter, Professor Emerita, California State University, Monterey Bay

Welcome PreK - 12 Schools, Universities, Companies, Community Agencies, and Individuals.

The Multicultural International Development Company is pleased to offer you creative critical multicultural education strategies, curriculum development, professional development, artistic productions and exhibits, international cross cultural excursions, publishing opportunities, diversity empowerment life coaching & training, and more.

Our Mission

As a culturally creative education company that honors equity, inclusion, and diversity, MIDC is committed to giving high caliber and phenomenal services via customized events, professional development, curriculum enrichment and strategies for local, national and international learning and business communities.

MIDC focus areas include:

  • CCSI (Cross-Cultural Studies Institute) and consulting services, offers professional development in areas of equity, inclusion and diversity for K-12 schools, colleges/universities, and businesses
  • KLM (Kuumba Learning Model) a cultural and creative intelligence curriculum and assessment tool for levels pre K - 16
  • Unity through Creativity Productions, Inc., addresses real life social issues by leveraging the creative power of the arts to self-examine and and build greater awareness and appreciation of our pluralistic societies
  • SUN (Scholars Unite Network) consists of Multicultural Global Webinars, Lectures, Chats, and Instruction with noted international scholars
  • KO Publishers, is an alternative, creative, cross-cultural publication service, which publishes, promotes and presents diverse literary works of authors dedicated to enriching cultural understanding and appreciation. Genres include fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and education.
  • Social Justice Education International Excursions and Programming
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Curriculum Development

We consult with educational institutions in the areas of equity, inclusion, and diversity. We also specialize in curriculum design for various organizations.

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Alternative Publishing

We produce and publish culturally creative works spanning PreK-12 and college education, and leisure adult reading.

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Event Production

We produce a variety of events, including art exhibitions, workshops, panel discussions, scholarly presentations, and performances for cross-cultural education purposes.

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In Our Own Words...

We know you care about learning creative ways to communicate cross-culturally in today’s diverse world. Cross-cultural creative methods help in improving areas of business, education, social and environmental action. Consider consultation in our Kuumba (Creativity) Learning Model for curriculum and professional education development and purchasing our multicultural alternative books for classrooms, book clubs, and thoughtful gifts. Come on board with us on cultural travel excursions. Encourage your organizations to book social justice, anti-bias, and/or celebrations of culture through visual and performing art exhibits, workshops and performances. We are highly skilled in all of these areas and are delighted to serve you.

The Women's Empowerment Network of MIDCLLC presents: WE Network Rejuvenation Retreat
Saturday, January 18, 2020 - Monday, January 20, 2020 in Joshua Tree, California
A mind, body & spirit transitional experience
"Many cultures recognize that women are the key to making a peaceful and sustainable world. To fulfill this legacy, we must collectively strengthen our overall well-being and consciousness. The goal of this Rejuvenation Retreat is to do just that, through an array of amazing activities, bonding and fun."

- Dr. Karen B. McLean Dade

Some registration scholarships now available
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Dr. Karen B. McLean Dade, Founder/Executive Director
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