A Sample of Our 30-Day Self-Empowerment Virtual Boot Camp

Thank you to all of the women that participated in our two-part “Me to WE” Women’s History Month teleconference series. It was an amazing bonding and support opportunity for all of us! Following the suggestions of women who participated in the teleconference series to expand and go virtual, MIDC WE Network has decided to offer a ”Self-Empowerment Virtual Boot Camp”, starting in the beginning of May. The format of this Virtual Boot Camp challenge will be a 30 day-30 minutes a day Instagram Live, for strengthening our mental, physical and spiritual well-being during these challenging times.

These activities will be cross culturally creative, uplifting and fun! The new virtual approach will allow for us to connect in a closer and more interactive way, where you can send your messages and ask questions about the topic to discuss, in real time. Also, recordings will be made available so that you can access your daily 30 minute sessions any time of the day. You will find these recordings in our IGTV.

We’ll be giving you all the details about the topics for each day in a weekly calendar, as well as the times for this Live series.  We look forward to taking on this challenge! In the meantime, Dr. Dade has put together a sample video series below that demonstrates the kind of WE activities that help teach how creativity enables the practice of mindfulness, and gives creative alternatives while staying at home.

These videos are a complete series on a self-love creative painting session for your enjoyment and relaxation, capturing in real time a state of mind that enables focus. This is one very fun and effective MIDC WE Network technique that we love to use to quiet our busy thoughts that keep us distracted and from fully enjoying life’s precious moments. Enjoy!

This demonstrative session begins with showing, through creative painting, an “unapologetically naked truth” backdrop, a women’s empowerment theme for which the final title will be announced as the painting develops further. This session starts with Dr. Dade outlining her silhouette and reflecting on the importance of self-love and keeping your body healthy and active.

Painting on its own is very therapeutic, but you can take it a step further by opening your windows to listen to the sounds of nature, or even painting outside to get an even more immersive mindfulness experience.

Painting sessions are a great time to reflect on the self as a woman and artist, and to contemplate what art means in our lives.

In the next video, Dr. Dade discusses a bit about what you can expect from the 30 day challenge, including art of course!

Painting isn’t about your skill level; it’s about non-judgmental self-expression, enjoyment, and inner reflection through creative expression.

Meditation and mindfulness are about being focused and present in the moment, so creating art is a great way to achieve that state of mind.

Now is a great time to stock up on art supplies for the 30 day challenge! Painting is a great medium for artistic expression, but pencil and paper will work great if you prefer that medium.

Just a reminder, the 30 day self-love virtual boot camp challenge starts in the beginning of May, and we hope you’ll be there! This is also a great time to sign up for a WE Network membership, which gives you access to upcoming free and discounted WE Network events. Memberships are only $25 a year. Following our 30 day challenge, there will be some exciting virtual retreats available to WE Network members. We can’t wait!

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