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Dr. Karen B. McLean Dade is a mastermind when it comes to using cultural arts education as an equity, inclusion & diversity learning tool whether for classroom, corporate, artistic production, or non-profit agencies. She has been an academic scholar and author for more than 25 years in the field of multicultural education. And, she has been a featured speaker/performer, visiting scholar and/or consultant for numerous schools, universities and agencies in over 40 countries.

Dr. McLean Dade can be booked for keynote addresses & featured speaking engagements through this website.



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Courtney Simone Donaldson

Courtney is freelance Publicist and writer based out of Atlanta. She graduated from Georgia State University with a journalism degree and dreams of opening her own PR firm. She is a positive force to be reckoned with fresh ideas, driven to guide every client to their highest potential.


Nyanda Miata Donaldson

Nyanda Donaldson is a Gallery Co-Owner, Creative Director and Curator to the Joseph Gross Gallery based in New York City. With a focus on emerging artistry, feminism, multicultural arts and popular culture, Donaldson often seeks Artists that evoke raw emotion.
Devin Donaldson

Devin Marie Donaldson

Devin is an independent photographer, and owner of OvertExposure photographey company. She is the photographic illustrator for the new book, The 25th Hour. She is a published songwriter, and has a love for visual & performing arts. Devin majored in economics at Spelman College.