Joshua Tree Rejuvenation Retreat 2020: A Healing and Uplifting Experience

At MIDC the WE Network believes that women have a huge role in our society. Not only do we have the gift to birth and nurture the next generations of men and women, we also are empowered intuitively to know how to peacefully and purposefully help care for our planet and all of its inhabitants. To do this, we have to approach our abilities in a more intentional and conscious way.

Women Book Clubs, Circles, Associations, Professionals, Sororities, etc., are invited to book a cross-cultural women’s empowerment rejuvenation retreat for your women colleagues or teammates. This blog entry gives you a glimpse of our rejuvenation retreats.

Our Mother-Daughter team heading to the desert; Joshua Tree WE Network Retreat

My offering table, each participant was gifted a healing stone and incense and asked to write down the things they wanted to let go in their lives. We burned those let go papers in a ceremonial fire pit outside of the house.

People added their offerings.

I then started our Rites of Passage ceremony calling on Yemaya, who is the goddess of the oceans & rivers. This goddess teaches us to surrender our worries, over thinking, and need to be in control. She is one of many powerful deities honored in African cultures stemming from the Yoruba people. These deities of oceans, iron, thunder, fire, etc., are all nature’s elements that help us to survive in the world. This belief & practice has spread throughout the world among black and creole cultures, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Brazil, U.S., etc., and though I am from a Christian background, I am also spiritually connected to these African traditions, and help to initiate young women into this practice of intuition and knowing to help care for our planet & its inhabitants through love, peace, justice , knowing & devotion.

MAAT represents Balance Truth Justice and Cosmic Order. MAAT goes back to Egyptian practices and we use her symbol for grounding ourselves.

The pendulum is placed over the heart to help answer deep questions we might have. As you ask the question in your mind, the pendulum swings in a “yes”, “no” or “unsure” motion to answer your heartfelt question. It is your heart energy that makes the pendulum swing in the direction to answer your question. Since we are made up of the same energy, vibration & frequency of the various stone & metal pendulums. It generally gives an accurate answer to your question. In this part of the retreat I am teaching the women to become aware of what they are made up of and the power they carry when they believe in their energy and use it in good ways for caring for the Mother Earth & it’s inhabitants.

Also, I had the women put their wishes, desires, goals inside of the Native American drum, as I beat this sacred drum the vibration calls upon the deities to grant the wishes of the women. The drum symbolizes the heart beat, and therefore connects to the heart to manifest pure desires.

Teaching about the science of energy & how we are made up of the same particles of the universe, and therefore we are all one. I am teaching about energy points of the body and what they can do to help us in life if we are aware how to use them.

We stayed together for 2 days. We ate, celebrated and worked on ourselves.

Dr. Dona Gudger led this session. Some of our self work was pretty tough, like when we worked on our past trauma that still affects us today, and often holds us back from the deep pain inside.

We were in a special spiritual place in the desert. I am blessed to continue to create women’s empowerment circles/groups. As a collective, we can do much to help others in the world. This was a special group for me because they consisted of my daughters, one of my best friends & her daughters, and other best friends daughters who I’ve known since their childhood. I plan to leave my university work soon and do this work full time. I realize how much more it is needed after working with some of my closest loved ones. Each time I do this work the circle grows. WE (Women’s Empowerment) Network (a component of my MIDC business) now has more than 100 women working together to know ourselves and the power we have to make a difference in this world. I am very grateful for this calling.

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