2021 MIDC Featured Book Club Participatory Presentations


$500-750.00 per event

Travel & accommodation for featured author not included.

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The WE Network loves to do this presentation in a classy fashion such as, in a BOOK SIP SOCIAL style for women book clubs and groups around the country. Thus far, WE has presented these socials in cities such as, Oakland, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. WE looks for progressive women to book the socials at their homes and/or favorite gathering spots, and WE take care of the rest.

For 2021 we are presenting one of our featured books: The 25th Hour for the Book Sip Social.

Our purpose with this book social is to learn and discuss how we as women that are dedicated to educating, positively influencing & raising our children/grandchildren and extended families; supporting our communities through our talents; and role-modeling peace, love & joy for life; are here to consider a movement to get more education to those (especially young men & women) who are currently incarcerated. “25th Hour” calls on all of us to realize our connection to the 1 out of 100 inmates in United States Prisons. This part of our extended family is often “the forgotten.” Hearing the voice of a young incarcerated poet on aspects of family love, challenges, dreams and coping, brings us closer to our willingness to understand our role as those on the outside looking in.

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