Kuumba Learning Model Customized Curriculum


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The guiding source for this Kuumba as Radical Pedagogy workshop is the Kuumba Learning Model. Kuumba is a Swahili word meaning “creativity.” The workshop examines creative modalities used by Black women educators to radically reform education. These women are considered queen mothers of art & culture.

The workshop presentation helps to increase understanding and appreciation for effective African-centered approaches to multicultural education curriculum. Information on queen mothers of art and culture, and how they have influenced education and communities will be discussed for the purpose of building greater appreciation for African-centered/multicultural curriculum. Resources via Power Point presentation and samples of the Kuumba curriculum are shared. Role play, creative arts, and group discussion are included in this workshop.

The organizing level is intermediate. It is geared to those that have some exposure to multicultural education. In particular, K-20 educators should find this workshop of interest. Participants should be able to take back critical creative African-centered/multicultural education strategies for teaching and learning in the classroom and beyond.


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