WE Network Rejuvenation Retreat ($100 Sunrise to Sunset Day Pass, $400 Full Weekend)


Dr. Karen B. McLean Dade

What Makes the Lead Facilitator an Outstanding Empowerment Guide for the Upcoming Rejuvenation Retreat?

Dr. Dade. is a part of a Wise Women World-wide Collective. She is acknowledged in many circles as a Queen Mother of Cross Cultural Creative Education and Well-Being. In this capacity, she has worked, researched and explored well-being practices & culturally creative techniques of self-discovery in over 40 countries throughout the world. She has a strong emphasis in multicultural-centered women’s empowerment initiations for the purpose of self-care, growth and attracting overall life success.

Dr. Dade is the founder and CEO of MIDC, and as the leader of this uplifting and empowering weekend she brings the unique blend of her culturally creative academic scholarship and inner-knowing strategies of power. Her goal for the retreat is to bring together women from all backgrounds to empower them, guide them through wise women activities, and to continue to create a strong community of women.

The WE Network Rejuvenation Retreat in Joshua Tree, California check-in time begins on Saturday, January 18th at 4pm. At sunset we will begin our welcome ceremony, and follow with evening activities. Activities will include a movie night/televised program on women owning the conversation with celebratory food & drinks (it is Dr. Dade’s Birthday & MIDC will also honor the birthday & legacy of Dr. MLK Jr.) and guided conversation in response to the film. We will end the night with several fun activities such as, learning a bit about our chakra energies through hosted games, etc.

On Sunday morning (January 19th), we will have breakfast in the town of Joshua Tree and do some sightseeing before we head back for our scheduled program. The program includes women empowerment strategies, discussions & networking, reflection “walk about” & circle of life activities. We will close with a letting go & welcoming in new intentions/goals for the new year “Lantern Activity.” Checkout will be on MLK Holiday, Monday, January 20th at Noon. Therefore, we will have a closing Wise Women Circle Ceremony at 10am sharp, a light breakfast will be available beginning at 9am. Those who are interested in having lunch together in the town of Joshua Tree directly after checkout will be welcomed to do so.

You can reserve a spot for the entire weekend with us for $400, or reserve a Sunday (sunrise to sunset) pass for $100.

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WE Network Rejuvenation Retreat

Saturday, January 18, 2020 – Monday, January 20, 2020 in Joshua Tree, California

Our focus for the rejuvenation retreat is mental, physical and spiritual empowerment. Activities will include: women’s empowerment networking, self-discovery, wellness techniques, exploration of local sites, and lots of fun.

You can reserve a spot for the entire weekend with us, or reserve a Sunday (sunrise to sunset) pass for $100.


SUNRISE TO SUNSET COST: $100 Sunday Day Pass

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