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Chapters in Books

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News Articles and other Media

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Expert Opinion Interview

OUSD KDOL TV 27. (2010). (1) Improving reading through a readers’ theatre approach; (2) Cultural creative reading techniques for educators.

Featured Education Strategist/Author

WGBH Boston/PBS Basic Black Series Featured Author (June, 2009).

Touch 106.1 FM Radio (Roxbury, MA) Featured Author (June, 2009).

Citizen Newspaper (Auburn, New York): “Diversity Lacking” (2007).


Expert Opinion Interview

Diverse Issues in Higher Education: “Minority Performance on Praxis Tests” (2007).


Expert Opinion Interview

Oakland Tribune (Oakland, California) Black Colleges: Liberation College Opening in California (2007)


Expert Opinion Interview

Connect with Kids Network (syndicated weekly news stories aired on “60 Minutes”): Dissatisfaction with Public Schools (October 11, 2006).


Expert Opinion Televised Interview

Donaldson, K.B.M. and Tartakov, C. (October 26, 1997). Multicultural Education. An answer to racism (pg.4AA). Guest

editorial: Des Moines Register. Des Moines, Iowa.


Published Book Reviews

Dr. Bookchat Column, Debra Roland/Reviewer: San Francisco Black Book Writer’s Guild (SFBBWG)

Horace: Leaders for Equity Journal: Stephanie Dahlquist/Reviewer


Published Curriculum Guides and Reports

Key Findings Report on Internationalization at Western Washington University. (2014). Compiled by the ACE Internationalization Council (Council Member).

Dade, Karen B. Mclean, and Sabharwal, Nidhi Sadana. (2012). Positive measures towards promoting non-discriminatory attitude and awareness among the students and teacher/faculty in schools and higher education institutions in India. published report. Indian Institute of Dalit Studies: New Delhi, India.

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Editorial Board Memberships

Associate Editor, International Journal for Multi-Cultural Education (2012 - 2015); IJME Board of Editorial Advisors (2016 to present)

Co-Editor, Journal of Cross Cultural Transformation in Education (online refereed journal) (2002 - 2005)

Editor, WCCI Newsletter (World Council on Curriculum and Instruction; 2001 - 2009)

Journal for Education and Training (University of Pretoria, South Africa; 1997 - 2001)

Journal of School Leadership (1998 - 2000)