2018-2019 MIDCLLC Women’s Empowerment Network Membership

Fee: $25.00 per person annually

(fee waived if attended any of “The 25th Hour Book Sip Socials”)

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Membership Description

The vision for the Women Empowerment (WE) Network began with presenting book sip socials featuring the MIDC publication, "The 25th Hour." Our purpose during the socials was to learn and discuss how we as women support positive change within our communities such as, considering a networking movement to get more education to those (especially young men & women) who are currently incarcerated. During these gatherings in Oakland, Los Angeles, and Atlanta WE began to talk about more. For example, how can we support each other in our work and play. The result of these discussions is what MIDC now titles & hosts, the WE Network.

Already nearly 100 (majority Black professional women) have been added to the WE Network. WE continue to grow and develop our Network. MIDC is now positioned to provide a platform for the WE Network to patronize each other's businesses and causes, to have critical discussions via the MIDC WE Network blog, and to enjoy a variety of events together.

For example, some events planned for the 2019 WE Network include a Mother's Day Weekend (May 10-12, 2019) WE Conference in Atlanta, GA. The focus is spiritual, mental and physical empowerment, and participants will engage in critical book club and women power discussions, healing circles & life coaching, local excursions, international excursion orientations, and overall; creating the new you and WE!

Also, the WE registration for the Cape Verde 'Girls Trip" for June 2019 will be posted on the WE Network membership page sometime next month. Look out for ongoing announcements and directions via email from MIDC.

WE invite you now to visit the product page to get onboard with the event opportunities. And, WE ask you to support and promote our education and general offerings. In addition, WE ask that you begin complete your login information and begin working on whatever you would like to advertise on the WE blog, which will officially be launched in August 2018.


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