Praise for Multicultural International Development Company

In using The 25th Hour in my graduate course on the School-to-Prison Pipeline, I am continuously inspired by its impact on my own and student learning about mass incarceration. While there are many books that explain the pipeline from historical, philosophical, legal, educational, and activist lenses, The 25th Hour extends understanding of the pipeline into personal, familial, social-emotional, artistic, and spiritual realms. In so doing, discussion of ways to resist, solutions to, strategies for dismantling and abolishing the pipeline emerge from critical care and compassion and focus on restoration of humanity through justice.

- Dr. Christine Clark, Founding Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas

We invited Karen B. McLean Dade of Multicultural International Development Company, LLC to facilitate the 2019 Bellingham Juneteenth Celebration. Karen B. McLean Dade was refreshing and reassuring… Karen B. McLean Dade brought to our discussions exceedingly high levels of knowledge and skill in respect of training and equality and diversity respectively, together with a genuine willingness to meet our identified community needs. The quality of content and style of delivery was exactly what we were looking for. My expectations were not only met, they were exceeded.

- Terrance Morris, Bellingham Juneteenth Celebration Coordinator, Diversity and Inclusion Specialist

Dr. Karen McLean Dade creatively blends her strong knowledge of multicultural education with the arts to engage participants in complex issues involving race and justice.

- Christine E. Sleeter, Professor Emerita, California State University, Monterey Bay

Great time at the Mothers Day Retreat! The speakers were great and I learned a lot about women, skin, and relationships that I did not know. Loved it, I am looking forward to the Mother’s Day Retreat next year!

- Deb Potter, Retired Assistant Principal and Teacher

Your article on dual citizenship speaks to the spiritual and cultural yearning that is ignored. It is no different from the spiritual strife that expresses itself in Du Bois Souls of Black Fouls, a sense of wanting to belong and while consciously feeling and made to be an outsider. You give voice to this spiritual strife.

- Dr. Sipho Seepe, Renowned South African Political Analyst and Deputy Vice Chancellor at University of Zululand

Just came back from the BEST women's enrichment retreat everrrr! Feeling rejuvenated and ready to move forward! Thank you Dr Karen B. McLean Dade for the opportunity! You've created some ever lasting lifetime bonds of greatness amongst some AH-MAZING women! Can't wait until the next retreat with my new sistas!

- TaRaya Lundy, WE Network Member

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