2020 - 2021 WE Network Personal Empowerment and Entrepreneurial Development Retreats and Events

The WE Network is a growing group of women that gather for special events and retreats to have discussions, participate in fun and enriching activities, make lasting friendships, and support one another in personal and entrepreneurial growth.

For the past couple of years, many women have attended our retreats and social book sips held in major cities around the country. Thank you! Not surprisingly, WE Network has collectively redesigned an incredible line-up of events in consideration of our global crisis and its impact on our members. In the line-up, we will continue our MIDC WE Network Entrepreneurship Retreats.

Although for the time being our events will be held virtually, we still hope to plan some great in-person events and retreats this year and next year. We plan to travel to major cities around the US in 2020-2021, and would love to organize pop-up events in these cities. Some of these cities will include Oakland, Los Angeles, Seattle, Atlanta, and Boston. If you have ideas for an event or retreat, or would like to request more information about events, please fill out the form below and we'll get back to you shortly.

Our WE Network Rejuvenation Retreats are all about inward explorations for total woman empowerment, which includes learning stress free and peaceful meditation techniques, the energizing points of the body through healing stones and chakra points practice, cross cultural honoring of empowered women that have come before us through readings, song, movement and critical discourse, and creation of wise woman community collectives that are posited under the umbrella of the MIDC WE Network. We recently had a wonderful rejuvenation retreat in Joshua Tree, California, and look forward to many more.

WE Network Entrepreneurial Retreats are all about outward explorations for professional business woman empowerment, which includes entrepreneur speakers, networking and bartering activities, enhancement strategies for the professional women's lifestyle and power of attraction.

In order to stay up to date on WE Network events, we encourage you to join the WE Network, which is only $25 per year. Registering for the WE Network will give you access to news about events and retreats, and will qualify you for discounts when signing up for events and retreats.